alyce + betty is a patterned goods shop hailing from the southeast end of the Michigan thumb. It was created by graphic designer Candice Onodi, and her wonderful mom, Claudia.

A few years ago when Candice graduated from the College for Creative Studies, she knew that settling for that basic nine to five job just wasn't for her. Like most things in her life, she wanted to do something different... and naturally, she was willing to work far beyond five o'clock to achieve it.

After receiving great reviews on a series of textile designs she had developed for her senior thesis, Candice discovered a passion for graphic patterns. She found it very rewarding to see her designs come to life on fabric, and it quickly became apparent that this was the path she would need to take if she wanted to share her hankering with the rest of the world!

So, with Candice's keen eye for graphic patterns, her mom's knack for sewing and two grandmas with pretty cool names, alyce + betty was created one afternoon at the kitchen table. The ladies are now proud to share their products with others and hope to make lots of people smile in the process.